A Guide on How to Choose the Best Waffle Maker to Buy This Year

It is a perfect idea to spend the following weekend with a taste of waffles. Given the flavoursome recipes available for waffles, you do not have to worry what to prepare. You could begin with the classic waffle recipe, or consider trying what the world could offer under the delicacy idea.

Preparing waffle is particularly easy, which is why many people have tried putting up a small business that sells the food. You could simply mix the batter, place it in the waffle maker, and do other things while you wait for the appliance to get it ready for serving. From these given facts, you could see that it is really easy to have an ideal waffle breakfast anytime you prefer.

What is a Waffle Maker?

A waffle maker is a kitchen appliance commonly used in waffling. It is a convenient kitchen tool that is easy to use and operate. If you are a waffle lover, this is the best gift you could ever have. It could actually reduce your time and effort not only in waffling but also in cooking other foods. Regardless of the name, you can actually use the waffle maker for other food, aside from waffles, of course. For instance, instead of keeping your waffle in the cabinet, you can use it to cook bacon, waffle crust pizza, and much more.

With a waffle maker, you can convert your leftover pizza into a waffle pizza or just simply cook a scrambled egg using it. A Belgian waffle maker is a versatile tool that boosts your creativity and allows you to experiment in the kitchen. It makes life a lot easier since you don’t have to occasionally check what you are cooking. You can just leave it there and wait for the appliance to do its job. What else do you need?

However, before finalising your purchase, you need to make sure of the quality of the item you want to buy. Consider some criteria when choosing and always read waffle maker reviews. This will help you have more knowledge about it. It also directs you to the best waffle maker available in the market. Do not just depend on the design; you must also rely on the reliability and efficiency of the waffle maker. This way, you can also save money.

Best Waffle Markers 2016 – Choose One for Your Family

Instead of buying waffles outside, it becomes easier to make your homemade waffle version. Your family could enjoy eating waffles regularly if you purchase a maker, which could do things in a flash and accommodate any recipe you may want to try. There are several products to choose from. But to narrow down your choices, here are the top quality and customer-recommended waffle makers:

Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

presto 03510 flipside belgian waffle maker

The waffle maker is known for its restaurant-graded aesthetics, which are emphasized by its rotating mechanism, enabling you to spread batter evenly on the grid. It could provide you waffles having a size that could be divided into four. Furthermore, use this maker if you prefer circular waffle maker over the square ones.

To be alerted when everything is ready, you could let its countdown timer advise you. The unit ensures hot, crispy, and tasty waffles you could serve with or without syrup.

What Are Its Best Features?

    • Flipping Mechanism : The product could be flipped at 180 degrees, causing the waffles to be evenly cooked.
    • ideal for Storage : The waffle maker is ideal for easy storage since it could lock in a vertical position. This significant attribute is paired with a flipping base. From these features, you could free up counter space.
    • Countdown Timer Alert : The digital countdown timer of the waffle maker is accurate, giving you the exact time when your favourite food could be slathered in syrup. This allows you to perform other relevant activities without necessarily hovering around the machine.

What Are Its Advantages?

It is interesting to know what sets the product apart from other options by getting to know its advantages, which are highlighted by the customers. Here are a few to consider:

  • Perfect Waffle Preparation : The waffle maker is known for delivering crispy and fluffy waffles, which are enjoyed by most customers. It shows that it complies with its guarantee of evenly cooked waffle batter
  • Reduced Time Consumption : The customers find the machine ideal if you want to get rid of long waffle-making hours. If you suddenly crave for waffles, you may enjoy the delicacy within a few minutes.
  • Quick and Easy Maintenance : It has always been important to keep your waffle maintained. Nonetheless, Presto FlipSide makes it easier for you. According to most customers who have used the product, they have not gone through getting rid of the batter that got stuck onto the grid.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

In the contrary, you also have to be aware of the downsides emphasised by its previous customers that could affect your decision-making. Given below are a few that clients considered a must-change by the manufacturer of Presto FlipSide:

  • Misleading Manual Information : Customers complained how the batter resulted in burnt waffles because they followed the time indicated in the instruction manual. The guideline should at least be accurate enough not to waste the ingredients prepared by the user.
  • Battery-Powered Timer : There are previous users of the product that complained how poorly designed and inconvenient the timer is since you need to regularly replace its power source.
  • Occasional Overheating of FlipSide Handle : You have to be careful in holding the FlipSide handle for it could extremely warm up during baking. There are clients who have encountered hurting their hands when flipping the waffle maker.

Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

Cusinart WMR Round Classic Waffle Maker

The waffle maker is another selection if you fancy an appliance that offers diverse browning settings. This feature is paired with indicator lights notifying if the maker is ready to take in the batter. The alerting mechanism also provides you the idea when the waffle is set for serving. Cuisinart made it possible to develop a waffle maker that could prepare waffle in just a matter of minutes

What Are its Best Features?

Here are the features that make the round classic waffle maker one of the top product options today:

  • Five Browning Options : You have the choice to prepare your waffle under various browning settings. This lets you customize your preparation based on the crispiness preferred by your different family members. The maker knows how difficult it is to serve waffle to people with dissimilar preferences.
  • Weighted Lid : The waffle maker’s lid is designed not to be affected by rising waffles while cooking.
  • Undisturbed Preparation : The appliance is made up of rubber feet, ensuring that it would not scratch or even slide around your countertop.
  • Space Savings : The waffle preparation appliance is ideal for compact storage since it could stand vertically.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty : The waffle maker provides utmost peace of mind in case some of its functions fail. There is a warranty from the manufacturer for three years, which also guarantees the long-term use of the appliance.

What Are its Advantages?

There are several advantages that magnify how significant the Cuisinart waffle maker is as a choice for families, such as these customer-highlighted features:

  • Reliable Heat Settings : There are numerous customers who were pleased with the reliable settings of the waffle maker for heating. According to them, even if the setting goes to the highest range of heat, it could return to a lower temperature. In other words, the appliance also opts for automatic reset to prevent waffles from burning.
  • Consistent Waffle Quality :  You could use the product if you are in the food service industry. It delivers consistently brown and fluffy waffles every time you use it.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

There are also other things that make the product unreliable based on certain customer reviews. Here are the downsides particularly emphasized by the clients:

  • Unsecured Browning Controller : Some customers have noticed that the browning controller is not properly attached to the waffle maker. According to them, this could result in the removal of the setting tool from the appliance in the long run.
  • Unsecured Handle : The handle of the body, when you examined, is screwed into the body. This also means that it could fall off after loosening grip on the appliance. The worst part is you could not retighten the screws because of the product’s existing design.

Black + Decker G48TD 3-in-1

Black Decker 3 in 1 - G48TD

The waffle maker could be best described as the answer to your wants for affordability and versatility in one appliance. Black and Decker waffle maker made it possible to give you griddle plate-designed waffle maker that provides you a lot of option whether to grill, iron, or griddle. Regardless of your decision, you could be certain that the waffle would be served crisp and hot. Furthermore, Black and Decker added a temperature dial, which could give you control on how you prepare the meal.

What Are its Best Features?

There are exceptional attributes found in the product, which may cause you to buy it immediately, such as the following:

  • Grill Plates : The waffle maker is designed with grill plates, which would provide you various options to prepare than a waffle. It has a smooth grilling surface on one side, and a waffle iron on the other. Yes, you may also prepare or grill steaks and sandwiches with the use of the maker.
  • Temperature Control : The product allows you total control over the heat of the appliance when cooking. It is your choice whether to make a Panini or totally brown the waffle.
  • Grease Runoff Channels : You do not have to worry about your waffles or meals getting stuck with grease because the appliance is designed with grooves. This would keep the food from moving further.
  • No Burns Cooking : Unlike other products, Black and Decker made it possible to use cool-touch handles in order to avoid burning your hands.

What Are its Advantages?

Besides the significant features of the product, the waffle maker also received positive feedbacks from customers. Here are the things they highlighted the most:

  • No Sticking Waffle : It is easier now to clean a waffle maker as proven by many customers. According to them, Black and Decker waffle maker produces fluffy and crisp waffles minus the extra maintenance requirements.
  • Easy Clean-Up : If you are always on the run but craves for waffles most of the time, the waffle maker is a great choice. After preparing the food, cleaning up would be very easy. You could settle with wiping down the machine before storing it.
  • Three-in-One Function : Aside from waffles, you can also prepare pancakes, cheeses, steak, and other meat with this appliance. This gives you the advantage of saving money and effort of finding other grilling appliance.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

There are also pitfalls reported by customers who have used the product. Here are the most important negative feedbacks of customers:

  • Extremely Hot Waffle Iron : You should be cautious in preparing waffles using the appliance since its iron gets extremely hot while cooking. It is better to keep children away from the waffle maker whenever you are baking waffle or grilling other meals. Furthermore, you may need to choose a less sensitive countertop in storing the appliance.
  • Not Long-Lasting Non-Stick Coating : The nonstick coating in the interior may wear off eventually. After such, customers reported that their waffles began sticking, requiring extra effort in cleaning up.

Waring WMK600 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

WMK600 Double Belgian

If you are a mom who would likely feed a lot of kids or relatives over the weekend or during a typical day, it is best to consider this waffle maker. It is designed to let your family have a taste of Belgian waffle, which is among the most traditional preparations of the food. You could save time with the product since it could cook two waffles at the same time.

The product is also designed with cooking control since it has a browning control knob, which is ideal for different crisp preferences. Additionally, you would find the appliance’s plates applicable for rotation, resulting to even pastry baking.

What Are its Best Features?

There are significant features the Waring waffle maker could offer in terms of family-oriented waffle making, such as the following:

  • Two Waffles Preparation : You do not have to worry about saving time, even if you are in a business of food service. The double baking feature of the appliance could cook two waffles at a time you prepare a single one.
  • Perfect Heat Retention : Even if you are preparing other waffles after the first batch, you could guarantee that the food will not get cold.
  • Faultless Belgian Preparation : The waffle maker is flawlessly designed and structured to accommodate crisp, thick waffle. It has plates with a depth of one inch, giving you restaurant-like prepared waffle.
  • Temperature Control : You could control the browning of the waffle, ideal if your kids have different preferences in having the food. Others could be extremely browned, whereas the rest could be lightly cooked.
  • Rotary Thermostat : This feature allows you to determine the accurate temperature setting of the appliance.
  • LED Light System :The control would alert you if the waffles are ready for serving and eating. While waiting, you may proceed with other necessary kitchen activities.

What Are its Advantages?

There are commendable points that clients have emphasized about the product, including the following:

  • Family Perfect Cooking : Many customers have found the two-waffle cooking feature of the appliance extremely helpful. Instead of one person eating a time, the appliance could accommodate a great number of people. This gives you the edge to consider putting up a waffle food business within your locality if you want to.
  • Easy Cleaning Support : The waffles you would prepare would not slide or stick onto the machine easily. This is not commonly experienced by other people using different appliances. The design of Waring made it possible for people to prevent the need to re-season. As claimed, the appliance would remain non-stick after several years of use.
  • Measuring Cup : Many customers have commended the measuring cup included in the package of the Waring waffle maker. The tool allows you to get perfectly portioned waffles. This is ideal if you want to save money and avoid wastage of cooking ingredients.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

What could have been wrong with the use of the product? If you want to know a few based on customer reviews, here are the following:

  • Malfunction : There are customer reviews explaining how they have to replace the malfunctioning waffle makers they received under the brand name. As a result, they had to ask for a replacement. Others even experienced multiple times of exchange before they have obtained a working Waring waffle maker.
  • Uneven Waffle Preparation : There are cases of undercooking and overcooking with the use of waffle maker. These are encountered utilizing the faulty units.
  • Multiple Malfunctions : If you are unlucky to have purchased a malfunctioning unit, you may encounter a buzzer that does not go off and heating elements that break.

Proctor Silex 26070 Belgian Waffle Baker

proctor silex 26070 waffle maker

Are you looking for a waffle maker that could prepare waffles in the simplest way possible? In that case, this is a product that does well and ideally serve waffles following simple steps. It is a solid choice since it requires no hoo-ha during preparation. The waffle maker could deliver tasty waffles similar to how expensive products provide it.

What Are the Best Features?

Though the waffle maker is simple in functionality, it also possesses significant features that could set it apart from other products. Here are a few of its highly rated attributes:

  • Budget-Friendly : If you do not have sufficient budget to buy an expensive waffle maker, then this is a great choice. Many customers found this product an ideal appliance if you want to enjoy delicious breakfast at home minus the extra costs.
  • Preheat Light : The alerting control is ideal if you want to determine whether the unit is ready for baking without touching its iron and hurting yourself.
  • Perfect for Maintenance : Maintaining the waffle maker is easier since it could help you clean the plates easily, minus the stuck waffle batter. You may simply use a damp cloth to carry out the activity easily.

What Are its Advantages?

Customers have found out that this simple and convenient-to-use waffle maker is advantageous in many ways, such as the following:

  • Easy Baking : Many people have described the simplicity and straightforwardness of preparing waffles with the use of Proctor Silex. The design is understandable together with its features.
  • Quick Cleaning : Most of the time, you would encounter waffle makers that are difficult to clean or wipe down. Nonetheless, with the product, you would have a unit perfect for less time-consuming maintenance. You do not have to worry about batter or grease leaving residue on the iron.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using the Product?

Similar to other products, the waffle maker may as well provide disadvantages, which you have to be aware of prior to its purchase. Here are few of the negative feedbacks from its customers:

  • Extremely Hot Handle : The customers have blamed the design of the waffle producer, which makes its handle extremely hot while cooking. You have to be cautious if you would prepare waffles with your kids. As much as possible, you use kitchen gloves that are resistant to heat and protect yourself. Moreover, keep the appliance away from the children whenever you are baking. If you could supervise it while cooking, the better it is.
  • Not Long-Lasting Exterior Plastic : The previous users of the waffle maker complained that after a few months, the exterior plastic material becomes scratched and flakes off.
  • Long Time of Cooking : Unless you have a lot of time for waffling, this is not the maker for you. Generally, people have reported that it would take seven minutes or even 10 minutes before making your waffles servable.

Oster CKSTWFBF21 1-1/2-Inch Thick Belgian Flip Waffle Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel

Oster Flip Waffle Maker Stainless Steel

The Oster waffle maker is one of the greatest choices you have in preparing Belgian waffles. It guarantees evenly cooked waffles and a maker designed with a top you could flip. The surface of the product is non-stick and the grids are 1.5-inch deep, giving you a perfect Belgian syrup-topped waffle to eat. Even if you try removing the cooked batter from the surface, the food would not fall apart as claimed. If there are overflows, Oster designed its waffle maker with removable drip tray.

What Are its Best Features?

  • Temperature Control : Depending on your preferences, you could adjust the cooking temperature of the waffle maker. It is your choice whether to make your food extremely crispy or slightly fluffy on the inside.
  • Space Savings : The appliance is designed to help you save counter space, specifically now that it could be vertically stored.
  • Contemporary Design : The stainless steel exterior of the appliance makes the product look more attractive.
  • Overflowing Control : The dip tray of the product would keep your counters from spills or smudges to clean after cooking. After your meal is done, you simply have to clean the machine itself.

What Are its Advantages?

There are several factors that made customers speak well of the product. Here are a few of the commonly highlighted positives among the product’s reviews:

  • Reliable Speed : If you are always on the go and prefers waffle as your travel buddy, you could trust this waffle maker. The appliance could bake your food as speedily as you wanted. It has a quick preheat setting. Consequently, it would deliver your waffles in just two minutes.
  • Non-Stick Surface : You could make the waffle maker non-stick or more effective in resisting batter by spraying cooking oil onto its grids. A quick spray could take you a long way.
  • Flip Design : According to customers, the flip design of the product makes it perfect for evenly cooked and golden waffles in no time.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

There are critical reviews concerning the product, which you have to weigh carefully, particularly if you are determined to buy the waffle maker. Here are a few highlighted by its previous users:

  • Instability : The machine becomes unstable over time, particularly now that the plastic mount adjoining the handle and heating element disintegrates in the long run. Eventually, this would result to complete break-off. This could affect the machine’s effectiveness and functionality.
  • Inconsistent Indicator Light : The waffle maker is complained about providing inaccurate signals to its users. According to them, burning may occur if you would rely on it.

Hamilton Beach 26030 Belgian Waffle Maker

Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker 26030

The Belgian waffle maker has a flip design and cool-touch handle. The protective product is one of the choices you have if you want to protect yourself from burns. You could flip the waffle conveniently with the machine. Hamilton Beach made its appliance ideal for storage given its fold-able handle. If you do not have sufficient time cleaning up after a meal, the waffle maker would make the task easier for you since it has drip tray and removable grill plates.

What Are its Best Features?

There are significant features that set the waffle maker apart. Though it is not extremely filled with additional functions, its own capabilities make it an ideal choice. Here are a few of its commendable attributes:

  • Removable Grill Plates : With the grill plates applicable for removal when you prefer, you could consume less time in wiping down the unit. If you are in a hurry, you could simply stick the plates in the dishwasher and take care of it when you arrive home.
  • Restaurant Grade Waffles : The appliance is designed to give you the consistent quality of waffles. If you are selling the baked goods, you do not have to worry about the quality of your product.
  • Browning Control : Do you have a kid that prefers an extremely browned waffle? Do you have another child requesting for a lightly cooked waffle? In such case, you could trust the browning control of the appliance to take care of your kids’ preferences effectively without the hassle.
  • No Burns : Unlike other appliances, Hamilton Beach would keep your hands from burns. It has an easily flipped handle, which is described as cool to the touch since it resists heat emitted by its body.

What Are the Advantages?

If you would like to look into the benefits delivered by the product apart from its ideal features, here are the following listed by most of its pleased customers:

  • Removable Grill Plates : If you want to get rid of the hassle of cleaning the waffle maker, you could trust its removable dishwasher safe grill plates. Having no time is not a problem for the appliance. You could even forget about it once you left it in the dishwasher.
  • Compact Design : The appliance is designed to save space. You could add it to your numerous appliances minus the worry of overcrowding. If you simply want to store it, this could be done as well with the benefit of folding over the handles.
  • Enjoyable Waffles : Customers have shared their great first-time waffle-making experience using the appliance. According to them, the preliminary result of their waffle-baking activity has been the subsequent outcomes of their delicacy preparations until now.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

There could also be downsides with the use of the product. If you want to properly weigh the product, you may consider these pitfalls:

  • Heating Gap Element : Many customers have complained that there is a certain section of the waffle that is undercooked. According to them, this is due to the gap in the heating element. This is not ideal in achieving an evenly spread browning for waffles.
  • Undercooking Tendencies : There are possibilities that your waffle may turn undercooked, which were experienced by other customers. According to them, the irons do not complete heat up, causing the outside of the waffle crispy yet raw or undercooked on the inside.

Conair CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel

CKSTWF2000 Conair Waffle Maker

Are you looking for a budget-friendly waffle maker? In such case, you could consider this model an ideal selection. The simple product is designed with cool-touch handles and adjustable temperature control. Conair may be offering a straightforward waffle maker, but this does not mean that it would not make its product dull. This waffle unit is a proof, particularly now that it has a stylish and modern design.

What Are its Best Features?

If you want to know more about the waffle maker, you should then consider its significant attributes ideal for evenly cooked waffles. Here are a few that makes the product a must-try:

  • Customized Waffle Preparation : No matter what the level of browning or crispiness you prefer, you could use the waffle maker’s temperature control to achieve an evenly baked delicacy. If you have to cater customers of various requests, you may also trust this product to make the task easier.
  • No Injury or Burns : The product does not heat up extremely, which is common among waffle bakers. You no longer have to worry about injuring or burning yourself with its cool-touch handle. Enjoy your meal minus the worry. This also means that you could let your kids watch your waffle preparation without concerns on their safety.
  • Indicator Light : The signaling light of the product focuses on informing the user whether the unit is properly heated and ready for baking. This is efficient, particularly if you want to ensure that the machine could already apply evenly spread heat.

What Are its Advantages?

There are several benefits that could make the product a must-have. These pros made a lot of its customers pleased. Among the factors they considered worth the product recommendation are the following:

  • Affordability : If you want to protect yourself from a one-time yet expensive investment, this is the product to consider. People were satisfied that this waffle maker is obtainable at an incredibly low price. Even if it is cheap, many reviews have proven that it exceeded expectations in quality waffle preparation.
  • Non-Stick Waffle Preparation : The customers have emphasized that you simply have to follow the instructions given in preparing the waffles. By doing so, you would not be suffering from sticking problems and longtime of cleaning.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

There are also disadvantages related to the use of waffle maker. You could use these downsides to weigh whether the product is a good buy or not. A few of negatives to take regard are the following:

  • Lack of Sufficient Temperature Control : Many people have complained that they do not take control of the temperature adjustments completely. As a result, they have to guess when they have to take out the waffles.
  • Uncertain Cooking Time : Since the product is not accurately adjustable, you may indeed project what time the batter would get cooked. This could be risky in turning the batter extremely brown or burnt.

Hamilton Beach 26009 Belgian Style Waffle Baker

26009 Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker

Do you prefer rectangular waffles over circular ones? In that case, this is an ideal model of waffle maker, to begin with. If you have a smaller apartment, this is another perfect solution to consider. The compact design of the appliance makes it easier to free cabinet or even countertop spaces. Hamilton Beach has never forgotten how essential indicator light alerts are. It is even powered with shade selector, giving you control on how browned your waffles would be.

What Are its Best Features?

You could consider the Belgian waffle maker as a choice due to difference reasons, including its advantages. Here are a few of the appliance’s significant qualities:

  • Perfect for Small Spaces : Even if your kitchen is lacking sufficient space for large or additional appliances, the waffle maker could still be a good choice. It could give you a smart choice, especially now it has a solid design that could fit in smaller spaces on your countertop.
  • Modern Design : If you prefer a sleek design of Belgian waffle maker, this is another perfect alternative. The appliance is made up of stainless steel material that makes the appliance presentable even if you have guests coming over for tea time.
  • Preheat Indicator Light : You no longer have to guess if the appliance is already hot and set for cooking given it has preheated indicator light. This prevents undercooking and overcooking. Even while you are finishing other tasks, the waffle could still alert you whether the waffle iron is hot enough to bake.

What Are its Advantages?

There are several advantages that could be attributed to the use of another Hamilton Beach model. Here are a few of the benefits it had already given its customers:

  • Affordable Pricing : The unit is commendable, particularly if you want to save money. Many people have appreciated how budget-friendly it is. You do not have to worry about extra fees or add-ons that could deceive you at the moment of cashing out.
  • Non-Stick Waffle Preparation : The reviews of the product have proven that it does not cause sticking. You no longer have to worry about tedious cleaning right after a meal since you could simply wipe down the appliance.
  • Even Baking : Positive reviews highlighted that the waffle maker could consistently bake crispy and fluffy waffles. With unfailing results, you now have the edge to use the appliance for a food business.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

Almost all products encounter criticisms and receive negative feedbacks from customers. Basically, this waffle baker was not able to escape throws of disapproval. Here are the critical reviews that pertain to its functions:

  • Closing Clasp Instability : Many have experienced that the closing clasp of the waffle maker may break off or stop working after few uses. This means that over time, you may need to hold the cooker while waiting for the waffles to be baked. The disadvantage eliminates the paramount convenience of using an appliance for waffle preparation.
  • Uneven Waffle Cooking : If there are people who have admired how evenly cooked their waffles are=, there are also those who experienced differently. According to them, the bottom waffle half becomes golden brown, whereas the top half is not as crispy and light.

Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Express Waffle Maker, Traditional Five of Hearts

Waffle Pro Express Waffle Maker

Waffles are an interesting and uniquely created delicacy. Because of its net-like structure in different shapes, kids are normally attracted to it. If you want to take waffle design to the next level, you may consider this heart-shaped waffle maker.

The unique waffle-baking solution could help you serve up to five people since it can bake the delicacy, which is eligible for portioning. If you want a perfect Valentine’s Day waffle, this maker would never fail you to live up to the tradition. Though the waffle it makes has a different shape, it ensures that the thickness is still even.

What Are its Best Features?

There are several qualities that make it one of the best waffle makers a significant choice. Given below are the attributes that may make you procure this interesting appliance:

  • Preferences Satisfaction : Irrespective of your waffle standards, this product would do it all for you. For instance, you could set it for deep-bake mode if you want an extra crispy waffle. Alternatively, you also have the option to have the moist interior and crisp exterior waffle. Every fluffy waffle type you need, you would get it from the waffle maker.
  • Floating Top Plate : The waffle maker’s top plate is described to be floating. This is advantageous if you want to spread even thickness on the entire batter.
  • No Counter Clatter : It could be difficult to manage the mess around the kitchen. The waffle maker understands your worry, which is why it was made with storage for power cords within the unit itself. This gives you easy keeping option minus the tangles.
  • Beeper Alerts : You could chat to your friend while waiting for your waffle to be baked now that it has a beeper alert. The indicator would tell you whether the meal is ready to serve or consume.

What Are its Advantages?

People who have bought the product appreciated its certain attributes. To give you ideas about this, here are the significant pros of the appliance:

  • Audible Beeping : Instead of the common indicator lights, the waffle maker is designed with audible beeper alert whenever the waffle you are preparing is done. This enabled a lot of people complete other tasks in the kitchen while their waffle is being cooked.
  • No Spill Cooking : If you do not want spills ruining your countertop and putting an extra strain to your cleaning task, let the overflow channel of the appliance take care of it. The structure of the product directs spills away from the waffler’s exterior and your countertop.
  • A variety of Possibilities : You would always find a waffle maker that focuses on the browning control solely. With this appliance, you could broaden the possibilities with your delicacy, particularly now that it could also assist you in controlling the texture of the waffle. Combining two different controls enables you to make waffles in the assortment.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

There could also be downsides when utilising the product. Here are a few that customers have encountered, which you may also have to go through after the purchase:

  • Too Thin Waffles : There are customers who have expressed discontent over the thickness of waffles. According to them, the baked good is way too thin for their liking.
  • Tedious Cleaning : The people who have used the waffle maker also complained that the unit could be difficult to clean. This does not pertain to the inefficient non-spill mechanism, but due to its corners and fissures that could keep batter stuck for a long time.
  • Cheap Paint : Negative reviews also highlighted that the paint used in the product is cheap. As a result, you have to wipe the stains on the unit for a few times. This may be due to its less costly value.

Hamilton Beach 26020 Belgian Style Waffle Baker

26020 Hamilton Waffle Maker

The product is another member of Hamilton Beach family, which is a different square and compact option for waffle lovers. It could also be an affordable buy that fits almost every customer’s budget. The appliance bakes up to four small squares, which is ideal for snacks. In addition, the indicator light is also featured in the waffle maker, giving you hint when the machine is turned on or ready for baking.

What Are its Best Features?

There are certain qualities of the product that make it outstanding. Given below are a few of these attributes:

  • Non-Stick Grids : It has always been preferred by customers that their waffle makers would not cause the batter to stick. Basically, this model could answer this request perfectly. Even while taking out the waffle, your food would not fall apart.
  • Indicator Light : The waffle maker has an accurate indicating visual alert that informs if you are already allowed to add the batter for cooking.
  • Space Savings : It could be difficult to save a lot of space, particularly if you have an additional appliance. Nonetheless, with this waffle maker, you have little worry since it is compact.

What Are its Advantages?

The advantages of the product, which have been highlighted by most of its customers, include the following:

  • Proven Non-Sticking Grid : People have supported the fact that it does not cause the batter to stick onto the grid. If you want assurance, the customers even recommended a quick spray to ensure that waffle would not break upon taking out.
  • Quick Preparation : If you suddenly craved for waffles and have limited time to prepare the food, this maker is heaven sent. It does not take long before resetting its temperature between waffle batches.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

The unit is imperfect like other waffle makers. There are critical reviews that customers have shared, including these:

  • Uneven Heating Element : There is a possibility of obtaining a waffle that is unevenly cooked with the maker. According to them, they have experienced barely cooking one side of the waffle. The rest also encountered burning one side of the batter.
  • Dysfunctional Closing Latch : Critical reviews stated that the closing latch of the unit has stopped working after a few months of using the appliance.

Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates

Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates

The Cuisinart waffle maker is a great choice if you want a flexible appliance that could accommodate waffles and pancakes. Aside from the waffle plates, it also designates plate for pancakes. There are six different temperature settings in the unit, giving you wider possibilities of experimenting with waffles. The waffle maker is also designed with an audible alert instead of light, which would inform if the waffles have been baked.

What Are its Best Features?

The appliance is also known for its outstanding features, which make it a deserving product to be on the list. Given below are its most useful attributes:

  • A variety of Breakfast Pastries : Instead of preparing pancakes using your typical cooking pan, this waffle maker could serve a dual purpose. Prepare both pancakes and waffles during your convenient time, and make your breakfast more interesting.
  • High-Quality Grill Plates : The product’s plates could be ideal if you have a dishwasher and do not have time to wash the unit immediately after a meal. You could simply remove and clean it in the smallest amount of time possible.
  • Diverse Temperature Settings : If your family members have different wants in terms of waffle crisp, texture, or brownness, you would find this Cuisinart extremely helpful. There would be no issues in satisfying them since the waffle maker could make both extremely crispy waffles and the possible counterparts.

What Are its Advantages?

There are several perks this unit could offer. Apart from its satisfactory features, there are positive feedbacks that customers highlighted upon reviewing the product, including these:

  • Removable Grill Plates : You do not necessarily have to look for cloth simply to wipe the smudges in the unit. The users of the unit found the waffle units highly useful in terms of having a dishwasher.
  • Pancake Slots for Eggs : There are buyers of the product that use it for cooking eggs. According to them, the pancake slots promote the quicker preparation of eggs for breakfast sandwiches. This made the waffle maker more versatile.
  • Beeper Alert : The audible indicator of the appliance is loud, which you could hear even at a far distance in your house. This is highly helpful if you do not want to miss out serving your waffles to kids amid a kitchen chaos over the weekend.

Are There Advantages in Using the Product?

There are also downsides reported about the use of the product. Relatively, here are the most critical reviews of its consumers:

  • Lack of Rubber Footing : The waffle maker is not made of rubber, which makes it prone to sliding over the countertop and moving when used. Furthermore, customers reported how it could leave their countertops exposed to scratches.
  • Fragility : The customers reported that when they received the unit, they found it very lightweight for its size, causing doubts on the quality of its parts.

T-fal SW6100 EZ Clean Nonstick Sandwich and Waffle Maker with Removable Dishwasher Safe Plates, 2-Slice, Silver

Nonstick sandwich and waffle maker

The waffle maker is known as a perfect assistance if you want to prepare quick breakfast or lunch. The product is more than a batter cooker, but a pressed sandwich maker. You could make tasty and crispy waffles for breakfast, whereas for quick lunch, you may use the machine for golden sandwiches filled with cheese. The waffle maker is also more effective given its removable and dishwasher safe plates and indicator light.

What Are its Best Features?

The product is known for a variety of significant attributes, making it a must-buy this year. Here are proofs why it gained higher customer ratings:

  • Two-Set Plates : You no longer have to use your stove to prepare Panini or sandwiches. The waffle itself could give you the advantage of making pressed sandwiches for on-the-run food requirement.
  • Removable Grill Plates : The grill plates of the waffle maker are also ideal for quick cleaning through the use of the dishwasher. You could dispose it to the cleaning machine together with the rest of your plates. You may even leave it if you are in a rush.
  • Indicator Light : Guessing the time a waffle would be cooked will never be a problem to you anymore. Waffle making is made easier by this unit through its indicator lights.

What Are Its Advantages?

You may be interested in what the customers have to say about the advantages of this product. In relation to this, here are among their most commended qualities of the waffler:

  • Easy Cleaning : Many customers have recommended the product for people who do not have a lot of time cleaning their waffle makers. You do not even have to worry about the buildup of greases since it could be maintained using a dishwasher.
  • Dual Purpose Waffle Maker : You could also use the grill plates of the unit to prepare tasty and crispy sandwiches. This is ideal if you are currently not craving for sweet tooth-matching waffles. Experiment with your favorite sandwich fillings and consume less time for preparation.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

There are critical comments concerning the product’s capabilities and offers. To provide you ideas relative to this, here are their negative feedbacks:

  • Protruding Hot Plates : The people who are using the unit worry over the hot plates that stick out past the exterior plastic. According to them, this poses a risk of burning or injuring your hand if you are not careful or wearing protective kitchen gear.
  • Uneven Heat Distribution : There are customers who also raised their concerns about the uneven distribution of heat from the unit’s warming element. Consequently, the waffles and sandwiches they prepare only become crispy in the middle. However, their edges remain incompletely cooked.

All-Clad 99012GT Stainless Steel Classic Round Waffle Maker, Silver

Clad 99012 gt Round Waffle Maker in Silver color

The waffle maker is one of the classic options if you would want to prepare waffles and complement your kitchen’s interior. It is a unit made of polished stainless steel, making it more than a functional waffle maker. The appliance also allows you total control over browning settings of your batter. It also added a Lock-Lid mechanism, making it easier to store the waffle iron vertically.

What Are its Best Features?

The All-Clad appliance has a variety of features to offer, supporting why it became among the best waffle makers today. Here are a few of its offers:

  • Six –Shade Settings : You could select from six different shadings for your waffle. This allows you to customize the preparation of the food based on the preference of your relative, friend, or guest at home.
  • LED Indicator Light : The signal would alert you whenever the unit is heated properly for batter cooking. Moreover, the lights are also set to inform its user whether the waffle is set for serving and consumption.
  • Audible Alert : Besides the indicator lights, there is an audible notification that would report if the waffles are done. This is helpful if you have to leave the kitchen to attend to other house chores while preparing the waffles.
  • Thin Belgian Waffles : If you prefer thin or over thick waffles, the unit could certainly satisfy your cravings. The waffler produces thin-sized waffles that could be ideal for quick bites.

What Are its Advantages?

There are several benefits the waffler has provided its buyers. If you would purchase it in the future, you would likely get the following perks:

  • Modern Design and Appearance : It is not always that you would obtain a well-designed waffle maker. However, with All-Clad, you could own a unit that is known for its heftiness and pleasing aesthetics. Many customers agreed that the manufacturer made the right choice to utilize mostly metal for the waffle maker.
  • No Non-Stick Spray Needed : Unlike other wafflers that would work better with a quick spray, All-Clad would provide you the advantage of getting consistently delicious and crispy waffles minus the spray.
  • No Batter Spills : The unit is made up of overflow tray, which would accumulate the residue of your batter. This keeps your countertop free from spills, and leaking on the exterior of the unit could be avoided.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

If there are positives, a waffle maker could possibly have its own pitfalls. To help you recognize this unit’s loopholes, consider these negative feedbacks from its users:

  • Short-Lived Heating Element : Many customers have complained that the unit’s heating element stops working after usage for around a couple of years. This shows that the waffle maker is not a great option if you want an appliance that could serve you for a long time.
  • Improperly Attached Plugs : The waffle maker is basically made of stainless steel plugs. According to most negative reviews, these attachments fall off within a few months of use.
  • Difficult Storage : If you want to achieve convenience in storing a waffle maker, this is not a good choice for many. The customers complained about its unwieldy structure, making it unmanageable to store.

The Smart 4-Slice Waffle Maker

Smart 4 slice waffle maker

The waffle baker is a great representation of high-tech square waffle maker. It could provide you an extensive range of pastry customization. It has four different waffle batter type settings, such as Belgian, classic, chocolate, and buttermilk. Interestingly, the waffler is also powered with 12 heat settings. To protect its waffle plates, the manufacturer chose to use stainless steel housing.

What Are its Best Features?

Every product has its exceptional features to offer. As for this smart and contemporary waffler, you have the following to anticipate:

  • Four Batter Settings : You could enjoy a variety of waffles and go beyond classic using the unit. It also offers you the choices of Belgian, chocolate, and buttermilk waffles.
  • 12 Shade Settings : Customizing the browning of your waffle is easier since you could select from 12 possible shades. If you prefer extreme crisp or the contrary, you get your delicious waffle with this unit.
  • Overflow Control : The waffle maker also consists of wrap surrounding the fosse to ensure that any overflow would not reach past the interior. This gives you the advantage of easier cleaning.
  • Accurate Waffle Preparation Time : You could now eliminate the guessing on the amount of cooking time for your chosen waffle type. It has an IQ technology that calculates the most suitable time for your waffle to be evenly cooked.

What Are its Advantages?

There are several advantages the high-tech waffle maker could offer. Given its advanced features, here are the projected benefits to reap from using it:

  • Consistency : You no longer have to complain about your existing waffle maker that could not sustain the quality of waffles it produces. This product is a great replacement if you want to retain the evenly cooked taste of the pastry no matter how many times you use the unit.
  • Overflow Moat : Cleaning the waffle maker has always been an issue for most. Since it is designed with an overflow moat, everything is secluded from spills or leaks. This helps avoid grease or stains from reaching the outer area of the unit.
  • Audible Alert : If you prefer working on something else while preparing waffles, the product is a great option. You could simply be notified by a clear hearable alert that your waffles are ready for serving and eating.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

The amazing thing about the product is that it does not have a long list of disadvantages. According to most of its reviews, the only problem with the waffle maker is its irremovable plates. This could provide a little pain in cleaning, unlike other units that could be disposed to dishwasher easily.

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker (26010)

Flip Waffle Maker by Hamilton

The Hamilton Beach variety focuses on creating delicious and crispy Belgian waffles. The unit is designed with a restaurant-inspired flipper. It is also structured with a spill-controlling hinge. At the bottom, you would find an overflow tray, which would make it easier for you to prevent leaks of batter on your countertop. Furthermore, the waffle maker is also matched with indicator light, which could notify whenever the unit is heated sufficiently to cook batter.

What Are its Best Features?

The outstanding features of the product made it one of the must-try units for waffle making. Among these attributes are the following:

  • Flip Style Waffle Maker : The unit would like you to have the benefit of ensuring golden waffle on both sides.
  • Overflowing Batter Control : The product did not simply add a flowing channel but also considered putting a covered hinge to avoid spills of batter when cooking.
  • Cool Touch Handle : You no longer have to concern yourself even if your kid is nearby whenever you prepare waffles. The cool touch handle ensures that no one in your house would get burned when using the unit.

What Are its Advantages?

Reaping advantages from the waffle unit is highly possible given the following perks of using it at home:

  • Consistency : It could be difficult to look for a waffle maker that could accommodate a large number of batters cooking while ensuring the consistency of the taste, texture, and browning. Nonetheless, this waffle maker could keep you served with its reliable abilities. No matter how frequently you use the maker, it could still produce delicious waffles based on your preferences.
  • Cleaning Time Savings : You could save yourself from tedious cleaning of the unit and countertop without an overflow control. The product has a runoff tray, which could control the mixture from spilling past the plates.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

Unfortunately, the product has its own set of cons. Here are a few of the most complained about by its buyers:

  • Unreliable Indicator Light : Though the waffle maker is designed with an indicator light, customers stated that it is inconsistent with notifying the user. As per the customers’ observation, they only obtain well-cooked waffle by taking it out 60 seconds before the light goes off.
  • Irremovable Grid Plates : The grid plates are not suitable for people with dishwashers. This means that you have to clean the actual unit, which would definitely take a lot of time.

Waring Pro WMK200 Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel/Black

WMK 200 Waring Waffle Maker Black Stainless Steel

The Waring waffle maker is known for its restaurant-inspired and one inch thick waffles. The unit is also designed with flipping mechanism plus six different shade options. Moreover, Waring made it probable to add a measuring cup for better savings of batter. You could perfectly portion out your waffles. In addition, you do not have to worry about spills since it is designed with drip tray.

What Are its Best Features?

It is a question whether this Waring model is a must-try or not. To help you decide the matter, here are its most outstanding capabilities:

  • Blue LED Indicators : The lights would inform you if the waffler is prepared for cooking and heated sufficiently. Furthermore, the alert is programmed to tell whether your waffle is cooked or not.
  • Six Temperature Settings : The waffler allows you to play with the shade, texture, and the taste of your waffles. The existing customizations could make your waffle dark, crispy, and fluffy among others.
  • Deep Grid Waffles : Waffles would hold more syrup if it has deeper grids. You could obtain such pastry using the waffle maker, making it ideal for you to enjoy the delicacy.

What Are its Advantages?

As per the reviews of the product, there is only one benefit that most customers highlighted, which is the waffle size. The size of pastry it produces is greatly filling, giving you a perfect snack choice on the rush.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the Product?

The waffle unit’s disadvantages outweigh its advantages. Here are its pitfalls according to its customers:

  • Plastic Melt-Off : People have observed that the heating plate at the top of the waffle maker is attached by metal screws to plastic. Whenever the screws heat up, the plastic melts thereafter. Over time, the top plate would fall off.
  • Wiring : There are countable customers who have reported regarding wiring problems while using the waffle maker.

Knowing the Top Reasons in Using a Waffle Maker

It is undeniable that there are lots of people preferring waffles over other snacks they have in the kitchen. It is also usual that every morning over the weekend, most mothers favor giving their family a taste of the pastry matched with whipped cream or the favorite maple syrup.

​Nonetheless, not all people get to enjoy the food from home. Most of the time, they are capable of having it as breakfast when they eat out. Instead of sticking with the conventional waffle-eating habits, why not try purchasing a waffle maker that could cost you less?

​Buying waffles at fast food chains or restaurants cost a lot. If you would prepare the food at home, you could even choose a cheaper pre-mixed batter. You also do not have to worry about leftovers since you could portion the waffle preparation based on the number of people that would eat the food.

Other than the given advantage of purchasing a waffle maker, here are more benefits of having one at home:

  • Ditching the stove for waffle-making : Instead of using your stove to prepare waffles and end up with unevenly cooked pastry, the waffle maker would make things easier for you. You could simply put in the waffle batter, set the time, and let the indicating mechanism of the unit inform you if the waffle is ready for eating. There are products available with beeper alert, notifying you anywhere you may be in the house.
  • Preparing a quick breakfast : At times, there would be mornings that you would fail to wake up early, causing you to rush out everything. To ensure that your kids would still consume a filling meal for the day, prepare waffles or even pressed sandwiches from the machine. You could craft Paninis using the unit. There are even others that bake cinnamon rolls using the waffler.
  • Cooking waffle perfectly : You could always obtain evenly cooked waffles with the unit. You simply have to adjust certain settings based on your preferences, such as browning and texture among others. There are even waffle makers available with the flipping mechanism, which would ensure that both sides of the pastry would be golden.
  • Preventing spills all over the kitchen : When you prepare waffles from home without the unit, you would likely mess up the whole kitchen. You could see batter here and there. With a waffler, you do not have to worry even for a small stain on your countertop. Most of the waffle makers are designed with overflow control, giving you the advantage of controlling leaks past the cooking grill.
  • Customizing waffles in diverse ways : Besides the browning settings and texture customization, you also have the benefit of making waffles in different shapes. There are units available with square, circular, and even heart shapes. In every plate, there could also be sections, which would be perfect in dividing the waffle for a certain number of servings.

Top Factors to Consider Before Buying a Waffle Maker

Prior to purchasing a waffle-making unit, it is best to mull over different factors to determine which of your choices are best to use. Given below are the most important qualities a waffle maker should possess:

  • Easy and Quick Cleaning : With different innovations in appliances, there must at least be smart solutions for your waffle maker in terms of preventing extra cleaning time and effort. There are waffle makers that do not have overflow channels, which is why they could not control spills. This requires extra cleaning after preparation of the food.If you could select a product that has removable grill plates, the better it is for your part. You no longer have to wipe the fissures and deep edges of the unit that take time. Simply leave the plates into the dishwasher and off you go.
  • Long-Lasting Investment : Who would want to waste their investment for a month-long usable waffler? It is better to find a waffle-making unit that could last for years. Nonetheless, always remember that purchasing the unit also gives you the responsibility to maintain it. By consistently ensuring it is used properly, you may make it last for a few years.
  • Cost : It is not always considerable to concentrate on the cost of a product. Waffle units have a variety of prices depending on the model, its features, and materials used to develop it. Most of the affordable options you have may range from $15 to $30 dollars. Alternatively, you may need to allocate as much as 130 dollars for a costlier unit.The cheaper units may cost you less the first time you buy it but may require more expenses whenever its low-quality parts malfunction. Alternatively, expensive waffle units may require extra care since its flip plates, temperature controls, and mechanisms are obviously pricey. As long as you use them accordingly, the costly parts may serve you for a number of years.

How to Maximize the Use of Waffle Makers

Once you bought the best Belgian waffle maker, you could do a lot of things in order to utilize the unit more than just a pastry maker. To give you tips in using it accordingly for a long-lasting and more effective service, here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Always read the instructions of the unit : You should not consider all waffle-making units similar. There are cases that some cookers have limits in the batter to put, whereas others could accommodate larger quantities of mixtures. In addition, there are situations that you may need a cooking spray before the batter is cooked.
  • It is about the batter : Do not always complain about the waffle maker for it causes your pastry to stick and break off. There are times that the batter you put would be responsible for the non-stick capacity of the unit. If you want to ensure that waffles would not stick to the plates, try increasing the amount of butter or oil in your mixture.
  • Do not be overly excited : The waffle units are designed to cook waffles at the most suitable time. Do not lift the lid too early. There is an indicator light or audible alert that would inform you whether your waffle is ready for serving or eating. Otherwise, you would simply break off your waffle or end up eating an unevenly cooked pastry.
  • Follow the steam technique : If your waffle maker does not feature an indicator mechanism, either light or sound, you could follow the steam technique. While cooking the waffle, you would likely see steam coming out of the unit. When it stops, you should lift the lid for it hints halting the operation.
  • Clean the unit immediately after cooking : If the unit does not have overflow channels, you should prefer cleaning the spills right away after cooking. This would save you more time and effort than waiting for leaks to harden on the exteriors of your unit.

Creative Ideas of Using Your Waffle Maker

Besides preparing waffles using the product, do you know that you may as well utilize it for preparing other meals? To provide you some ideas concerning this, here are creative means of maximizing the unit’s purpose:

  • Bacon : You could cook bacon using the unit and anticipate a well-crisped dinner anytime soon. It certainly works, but you have to face the cleaning difficulty afterward. However, if the grill plates are removable, you could get rid of the grease easily with a dishwasher.
  • Scrambled Eggs : Mornings would always be problematic relative to breakfast preparation for your kids. If you do not have time, simply use the waffle maker to create a patterned scrambled egg. You could even don the food with bits of onion, bacon, or tomatoes. The cooking is quick, which is why it is worth the try.
  • Brownies : You may not have heard about this, but many users of the waffle maker have tried it. Instead of the oven, save your energy by using the waffle unit. The appearance of the brownies may be similar to chocolate waffles, but the taste would certainly justify the difference.
  • Cheeseburger : Apart from common sandwiches, you could prepare cheeseburger with the unit. You could simply prepare the layers of the food by putting batter below, then beef, and lastly cheese. Even the beef would be cooked for the waffler’s heating element could be adjusted accordingly.
  • Pizza : You no longer have to buy a separate pizza maker for your kitchen since the waffle unit could do the magic. You simply stuff the dough onto the plate alongside your choice of ingredients. From there on, you could easily make pizza pockets.

Enjoy One of the Most Loved Pastries Now!

You do not have to waste time and still rely on your stove to prepare waffles. Let your family have a taste of the delectable pastry using the waffle maker. Experiment at home and go beyond classic golden, cheese-filled waffles.

You could begin evaluating the aforementioned products above to choose a waffle unit most ideal for your family. Consider this guide before buying the best waffle maker for your kitchen!